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During the nineteenth century a number of non-conformist churches were established in Turvey.

Kelly's Directory of 1898 names both a Wesleyan Methodist and a Congregational church.

In 1665 the Five Mile Act was passed which outlawed Nonconformist ministers from preaching within five miles of a town.

Anyone caught attending meetings could be subject to severe fines.

To avoid detection, the Baptish Church in Stevington village was built very near the parish boundry with Turvey.  If the parish officers came looking, they would push through the hedge in to Turvey to escape detection.

Reformed Church Burials

Abraham, John - died 18 August 1849 - aged 45

Abraham, Mary - died 24 April 1877 - aged 77

Cecil, Harriet - died 30 June 1855 - aged 19

Cecil, Rev. Richard - doe 30 January 1865 - aged 64

Godfrey, Elizabeth wife of Nathaniel, - died 27 January 1874

Godfrey, Nathanie' - died 4 July 1869 - aged 63

Godfrey, Sarah Elizabeth wife of Nathaniel, - died 30 September 1810 - aged 38

Lawrence, Sarah, servant of Sarah Elizabeth Godfrey (above)

Paine, Mary wife of Joseph- died 1 March 1816- aged 52

Sharpe, George son of William and Ann - died 4 August 1853 - aged 16

Skevington, Joseph son of Samuel - died 17 November 1857 - aged 15

Skevington, Samuel husband of Elizabeth - died 33 December 1812 - aged 34

Whitmee, Sarah - died 27 August 1868 - aged 73

The house of Jeremiah Sansome was registered as a Baptist meeting house in November 1824.  The house was occupied by Robert Tysoe at this time.

The Weslyan Chapel was registered on 13 December 1828 by George Finch who was a Turvey baker.

Quaker Burials

The following burials listed in the Parish Registers are noted as having been Quakers.

1723, May 12 - Samuel Tysoe, a Quaker and Shopkeeper

1727, Sep 22 - Hannah, wife of Robert Negus

1727, Sep 28 - Hannah, dau of Robert Negus

1730, Feb 19 - Samuel Richardson

1731, Sep 11 - William Richardson

1731, Sep 20 - Martha wife of William Richarson

Turvey Residents who were buried in the West End Baptist Meeting House in Stevington - circa 1655:

John Harrison

John Norris and his wife,    Elizabeth Norris

The Congregational Church was also founded in 1828. By 1841 it boasted 167 members.  Of these, 78 were from Turvey and 89 were from the surrounding villages. This is a list of some of the members from 1828.

William Butlin d. 28 March 1831
Hannah Gaskill removed to Northampton
Mary Ann Parris d. 16 Feb 1868
Joseph Vincent d. 5 Dec 1836
- Whitworth
Kesia Skevington d. 1866
Ann Dalley d. 12 July 1838
Joel Gasking d. 26 Sep 1832
Joseph Parris
Sarah Whitmee d, 27 Aug 1868
Mary Vincent d. 13 Jan 1861
Sarah Abbott
Dinah Wooding d. 2 Jan 1864
Frances Stock d. 17 May 1847
Ann Sansom d. 1836
Martha Bunker excluded 4 May 1832
Catherine Wooding d. Sept 1832
Sarah Burden e. 2 Jun 1836
Ann Wooding d. July 1852
Mary Parris, Lavendon d. 6 March 1837
William Sinfield d. Nov 1837
Ann Sinfield d. 1848
Mary Tite d. April 1867
Elizabeth Knight d. Dec 1833
Mary Wooding
Mary Knight d. 24 Sept 1832
John Bennett
Mary Wesley d. May 1851
Sarah Edmunds d. 21 June 1863
Ann Sanders d. 15 Nov 1875
Elizabeth Bamford d. 17 Dec 1846
Jane Wooding
Sarah Churchman
Mary Sansom
Thomas Johnson E. 2 Jan 1834
Sarah Johnson
Jane Edge d. Jan 1837
Ann Churchman - Withdrew
Sarah Tandey – Withdrew in 1834
John Wolston, Stagsden d. Aug 1837
Joseph Lineham d. 1850
Ann Lineham d. 20 Nov 1832
Jane Smith
Sarah Smith – Withdrew in 1834
John Johnson d. Aug 1859
Elizabeth Wooding
Elizabeth Lawrance d. 24 Mar 1833
Amy Sergeant – Withdrew in 1833
Elizabeth Jolley, Newton – d. 1835
John Bamford, killed by carriage accident at Bedford 17 Feb 1871
Catherine Dally d. Jun 1854
AnnWarren – Withdrew 1836
Elizabeth Roe, Newton
Mary Gibson, Newton
Letitia Wooding d. 10 April 1833
Ephrain Tysoe
Ann Frost r. to Cotton End
Thomas Bailey
Reuban Cotton
John Sanders
Esther Green, Lavendon
Fanny Stuart d. Nov 1854
Sarah Howard d. Nov 1860
Joseph Wooding  e. 3 Oct 1841
John Tysoe – withdrew
Samuel Wooding
William Bond d. 1865
Sarah Chamberlain
James Sargent
William Cotton
Rachel Wooding – removed
George Wallinger d. 1866
Thomas Smith d. 23 Feb 1839
Sarah Lilley of Astwood, d. Sept 1867
Uriah King
Elizabeth Dalley d. Jan 1837
Ursula Keppel – withdrawn
Ann Wooding
John Edmunds
Eliza Parris - removed 1851
James Harley d. 30 Sep 1847
John Radford
Hannah Tuner - removed 1847
Mary Bailey
Sophia Peacock – removed
John Hartwell d. 28 May 1847
Letitia Tysoe – withdrawn
Ann Linam – withdrawn
John Linam – withdrawn
Elizabeth Linam d. 19 Oct 1843
Mrs Davison d. 1 Mar 1856
John Wooding d. 29 Mar 1860
Ezra Reynolds – withdrawn 1846
Robert Warren
James Ramond/Raban
Letitia Finkerd d. 21 Jun 1866 (Mrs Hinde)
Samuel Tysoe – Withdrawn
Henry Bonham of Brafield
Sarah Chater d. 2 March 1867
Ann Parris – removed
Charles Wallinger – withdrew 1844
William Johnson
James Tysoe – removed
Susan Tysoe – removed
John Law – d. May 1846 fall from cart
Mary Wooding of Lavendon d. 29 Jun 1856
Johanna Cotton – withdrawn
Fanny Wesley – withdrawn
Anna Maria West – d. Jan 1849
Mary Holloway
Henry Dudley
Mary Smith
Tobias Dalley – d in 1851
Elizabeth Ross – removed
Henry Cecil – removed
Jane Edmonds – removed
Mark Cooper of Newton
Ann Cotton/Woods
Thomas Eaton d. 20 Sep 1854
Thomas Stock
Mary Vincent/Gasjing
Caroline Cecil – removed
Charles Cecil – removed
Samuel Denton, Lavendon
Charles Tysoe, Newton
Hephzibah Vincent/Claxton
- Cecil – removed
Emily Cecil – removed
Thomas Wooding
Eli Cotton – removed
Charles Cotton
John Wooding
Mary Wooding
John Bond
Catherine Bond
John Tysoe, Newton
Ann Tysoe
Thomas Pratt, Newton
James W-
Sarah W-
James Timpson, Newton
Samuel Milward, Newton
Mary Paine
James French, withdrawn
Elizabeth Wesley, Brayfield
William Wesley,Brayfield – withdrawn
Lucy Fernie, dismissed 1866
Frances Fernie
Elizabeth Neale Fernie
Isaac Wooding
Charles Finch
Sarah Ann Payne – removed
George Arnold, dismissed
Jane Wooding
Catherine Devine
William Bailey – withdrawn
John Fuller – removed
Emma Fuller – removed
Thomas Andrews
Maria Whitmee

Members of the Congregational Church had to agree to some pretty detailed conditions before being allowed to be members.

These conditions included:

actual uncleanness

obscene and impure conversations

profane swearing

taking the Lord's name in vain

lying or false dealings


often frequenting public houses without a real call

neglect of family worship and public worship

violation of the Sabbath by unlawful labour or journeys or sauntering visits

Rev R D Lindup was the minister of the Congregational Church in the 1960's.

Turvey Non-conformists