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The Chancel & Sanctuary

Turvey Church Tour - Part 3

The Chancel

The Chancel runs from the chancel steps to the Vestry and the Sanctuary is the area immediately surrounding the altar.  Before the 19th Century renovations of the church the altar stood halfway down the current Chancel area.

The Sanctuary

Above is a 180 degree view of the Sanctuary.

On the left you can see the organ.  In the middle is the altar and to the far right is the big tomb of John, 1st Lord Mordaunt.  You can see the rows of pews where the choir sit.  On the right is a close up of the end of one of these choir stalls.

The Altar

Here  we see the altar at the east end of Turvey church.  This section of the church was added between 1852 and 1854.  

The Tiles

Here is one of the floor tiles that are all around the edge of the church and go across in front of the altar.

I am told this is an encaustic tile.

The Altar Base

Beautiful blue tiles around the base of the altar read : (Jesus stood and) CRIED SAYING IF ANY MAN THIRST LET HIM COME ( unto me and drink) John 7:37

The Altar Top

The Bible, Cross and candles

that stand on the altar.

The Church Banner

This is an embroidered banner hanging in the Sanctuary.

It is used for parades.

The Sanctuary Stained Glass

This is the beautiful stained glass window that is behind the altar.

The View Up The Church

If you stand on the steps of the Sanctuary and look back up the church, this is the view you will see.

Notice the carved pulpit on the far right of the picture (from whence the rector could deliver his sermons).  The archway that is in the centre of the picture is the gates to the bell tower.  There are paintings either side of it.

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